Denis Radin (@PixelsCommander), Web Component advocate, has started work on a project called Polymer Native to enable developers to create part-hybrid, part-native applications using Web Components.

This project aims to make it easier to get device specific look and feel in your applications by leveraging native elements on devices. Currently, the project supports iOS and it is hoped that more people will come onboard to help the open source project grow to other platforms such as Android and even TV platforms.


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Software developer at Softwire, Tim Perry (@pimterry), has created a set of “Server Components”. These are simple, lightweight tools for “composable HTML rendering in Node.js, broadly following the Web Components browser specification, but on the server side”. Rob Dodson (@rob_dodson), Google Developer Advocate & Polymer Legend & Trey Shugart (@treshugart), Atlassian superstar & SkateJS creator, round out the the guests for this episode discussing the reality & the possibilities of using Web Components on the server. Additionally, we look at other projects like the ‘Express Web Components’ by Jordan Last that take a different approach to this by running Chromium on the server side.


Express Web Components -

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The views expressed by Eric Knudtson on The Web Platform Podcast episode 97 do not necessarily represent the views of GE

Eric Knudtson (@vikingux) from GE Digital walks us through their Predix User Interface (Predix UI) Web Components library built on top of Google’s Polymer Project. Predix is a cloud platform built to assist developers build for the ‘Industrial Internet’. Under the Predix family or resources is Predix UI, a set of UI components that “enable designers and developers to quickly and easily create Industrial Internet web applications that run on top of Predix services and data.” Eric also discusses challenges and best practices for managing a component based UI architecture, as well as GE’s new open source initiatives.


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Nathen Harvey (@nathenharvey), VP of Community Development at Chef Software, joins us to discuss modern devops culture, tools, and practices as well as how Chef Software can help teams automate, scale, and reproduce tasks, and environments. Nathen defined devops as how to build high velocity organizations by reducing build and deployment cycles. Topics includes how to manage your infrastructure like code, devops community, Chef cookbooks and recipes, and improving your devops knowledge and processes as web developer.



Chef & Habitat




Puppet -

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