There are many paradigms and approaches when it comes to writing JavaScript but how to choose?. In this episode, Danny Blue talks with JavaScript Jedi Masters Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (@rauschma) & Nicolas Bevacqua (@nzgb) about best practices and JavaScript

Resources and Links

Suggestions (Axel):
Tree-shaking and small modules
Mixins via ES6 classes:

Suggestions (Nico):
State of front-end tooling/libraries / where it might be going

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Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (@rauschma)

Nicolas Bevacqua (@nzgb)

Danny Blue (@dee_bloo)

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The web platform continues to expand into new regions, not only controlling the Internet of Things but also powering a new set of devices. In this episode, Justin Ribeiro talks with Jan Jongboom about Jan OS, an alternative operating system for mobile phones designed to run on devices without their screen attached and FirefoxOS.

Resources and Links

GPIO blog post

Firefox OS as an IoT platform blog post:

Presentation I gave about sub-GHz networks and IoT connectivity:

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Jan Jongboom (@janjongboom)

Justin Ribeiro (@justinribeiro)

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