41: Shaping the future of the Web

Jen Simmons (@JenSimmons), full stack designer & host of The Web Ahead Podcast (@TheWebAhead), takes us through what is means to contribute to and shape the ever changing landscape of the web. Jen produces an immense amount of free content from speaking engagements & training to podcasting that have reached all over the globe.


The Web Ahead guests have included some of the most influential people in web technology & design to date. Jen has had a major impact in the way we build and design for the web. Her uncanny abilities are almost akin to a unicorn in that she is extremely knowledgeable in both development & design. Good thing for us that Jen knows how to share her knowledge and help everyone have a chance to shape the future of the web.

Upcoming Events with Jen Simmons



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40: The io.js Roadmap

Dan Shaw, Co-founder and President of NodeSource, and Mikeal Rogers, Creator & Curator of NodeConf & JSFest, join us to talk about io.js and node.js. It’s been awhile since the the forking of the Node project last Thanksgiving. Now, version 2.0 of io.js is about to release and many of us have more questions about the project.


Will the two projects reconcile or will they become separate entities? What future do we look to? Find out what we need to know and what we need to do to get ready.



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39: Famo.us Mobile Performance & Mixed Mode

Steve Newcomb, CEO at Famo.us, joins us for a second time with software engineer Michael O’Brien to talk about the changes in the framework. Moving toward what Famo.us calls “MIxed Mode”, which will debut in the upcoming framework 0.4 release, will allow developers to utilize the power of WebGL combined with the DOM. Essentially this means using the right tool for the right render target. “Mixed Mode” is not the only news Famo.us has to share.


As we know from episode 17 of our podcast, Famo.us is always pushing the boundaries of imagination and what is possible. The 0.4 release will also have front end containers very similar to Flash but with editing capabilities. Famo.us Hub, a new service being released, Famo.us JQuery Wdgets,  and so much more is almost at our developer fingertips.  


Release 0.4 will be 25kb minified and provide an extremely versatile set of tools for us to use as developers. The biggest announcement though is quite simpler but very relevant….Famo.us is now MIT licensed!



Rachel Nabors - Master Web Animation Wizard, speaker & her own boss at Tin Magpie

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38: Aurelia.io

Rob Eisenberg (@EisenbergEffect) recently released a framework that focuses on standardization & swappable modules. Rob is no stranger to framework building, having created the popular JavaScript framework Durandal.js and more recently having helped develop Angular 2.


Aurelia has a great story. It uses ES6/ES7 JavaScript standards so you are coding with raw JavaScript. Templates use the template HTML tag and bindings are handled by pure JavaScript Template Strings. The framework itself is very barebones and can easily work with other libraries, frameworks, or modules outside Aurelia. This approach is very different than what we’ve seen from todays application or component frameworks.


Rob talks with us about this ‘spiritual successor’ project of Durandal, why it was created, and how it can be used today.



Special Thanks to our community friends Webbear1000, Souldrinker, and zewa666 for their questions and contributions on Gitter.

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37: The Ghost Platform

John O’Nolan (@johnonolan), founder of Ghost, and Hannah Wolfe (@ErisDS), Ghost CTO talk about blogging and how the Ghost Project can make a difference in the blogging community. John gives a great overview of blogging and how Wordpress, the blogging giant, had become something totally different than what it had originally set out to be. Ghost was a response to the frustration of Wordpress and has since taken blogging to where, according to John, Wordpress should have gone.


Hannah & John share the project’s user experience and underlying concepts that can potentially aid developers in using Ghost to its full potential. They takes us through the technical details developers would need to get started as well as tips and great resources we can take advantage of.



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